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Created by the passionate horticulturist and garden writer, Gordon Anders, Ezyardwork.com is your go-to online haven for all things gardening. Whether you’re a novice just venturing into the world of gardening or a seasoned green thumb seeking deeper insights, Ezyardwork is designed to simplify the intricate world of plants, flowers, and landscapes for you.

Our Mission

At Ezyardwork.com, we believe that everyone can cultivate their own patch of paradise. Our mission is to empower gardeners of all skill levels with the knowledge, tools, and inspiration to transform their outdoor spaces. From detailed plant guides to innovative gardening hacks, Ezyardwork strives to make gardening accessible and enjoyable for all.

Why Ezyardwork?

Gordon’s lifelong journey with plants and his formal education from the Green Hollow Horticultural School have equipped him with invaluable insights. And with Ezyardwork, he’s sharing this wealth of knowledge with the world. Gordon’s practical approach, combined with his deep appreciation for nature’s beauty and complexity, means Ezyardwork offers:

  • Easy-to-follow Guides: From planting in different seasons to nurturing specific flower varieties.
  • Innovative Solutions: Quick fixes for common gardening challenges, ensuring you spend more time enjoying your garden and less time fretting over problems.
  • Stunning Imagery: Gordon’s love for photography brings you closer to nature with striking images from gardens across the country.
  • Community Engagement: A platform for gardeners to connect, share experiences, and grow together.

Join the Ezyardwork Community!

Every plant has a story, and every gardener has their own tales of triumphs, failures, and lessons learned. At Ezyardwork, we cherish these stories. We invite you to join our community—share your experiences, ask questions, or simply bask in the beauty of nature’s wonders.

“I’ve always said I have soil running through my veins, not blood. My love for gardening is more than just a hobby; it’s a lifelong passion. With Ezyardwork, I aim to share the joys of gardening with you. Here, I hope to demystify the world of horticulture and help you cultivate your own green sanctuary. Remember, every day is a good day when you’re in the garden!”

A Note from Gordon

Thank you for visiting Ezyardwork.com. Let’s grow together!

About the Author

Gordon Anders

Gordon Anders is a seasoned horticulturist and passionate garden writer based in the USA. With over two decades of hands-on experience tending to gardens both big and small, Gordon has developed an in-depth knowledge of plant varieties, their behaviors, and the unique stories they tell throughout the seasons. Inspired by the gentle sway of Japanese Anemones and the fiery hues of Heleniums, he has dedicated himself to sharing his love for gardening with others.

Growing up in a family that cherished the outdoors, Gordon’s earliest memories are painted with the colors of his grandmother’s sprawling garden—a place where he first fell in love with the magic of plants. He further honed his green thumb at the prestigious Green Hollow Horticultural School, where he specialized in perennial plant care and landscape design.

Outside of writing, Gordon enjoys weekend hikes, capturing the beauty of nature through his photography, and, of course, tending to his own thriving garden. He often quips that he has soil, not blood, running through his veins. His articles are not just about plants but are reflections on nature’s artistry, resilience, and the joy of cultivating. Through his writings, Gordon aims to inspire both budding and seasoned gardeners to look beyond the petals and leaves, and discover the stories that each plant narrates.

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